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Telecom Installations - WBC is a full service EF&I vendor providing quality services to the telecommunications Industry. Our main objective is to provide our clients with a full service, turnkey product (engineer, furnish materials, install, perform test and acceptance). We take your problems and solve them. WBC is building a SOLID REPUTATION in the telecommunications industry by providing superior quality products and services to our clients. WBC Telecom Installations/Technologies Branch provides the following Services:


WBC Engineering Services provides our customers:
  •   Field engineering services
  •   Detail engineering and installation specifications of transport/facility  equipment
  •   Ac/dc power equipment
  •   Battery power plants
  •   Common systems/ironwork
  •   Floor equipment layouts
  •   Site and equipment specific drawings — i.e., floor plan, cable rack,ground, ironwork, lighting,etc.
  •   Assignment records —i.e., dsx, cable running, bdfb/pbd, frame, fpd,wiring list, etc.
  •   Equipment interconnect and block diagram drawingso Updates of customer’s existing records and drawings
  •   Equipment and materials consultation/research
  •   Site surveys
  •   RBOC and Bell core installation standards including Seismic Zone 4 requirements.
  •   Data and Network Cabling Installation
  •   Routers/Servers and Networking Equipment

WBC Telecom Installations equipment Services provides our customers:

  •   Fiber Distribution Panels
  •   Switching Equipment
  •   Battery Plants, Distribution Frames
  •   Ladder Rack
  •   Rectifiers and Inverters
  •   BDFB
  •   OC-48 and OC-192
  •   DSX-1, DSX-3, DWDM
  •   Relay Racks

WBC can furnish ALL the material and equipment for any project. Through vendor and manufacturer relationships WBC can provide a large purchase network that benefits our customers through competitive prices and availability. WBC makes it hassle free for our customers by taking on the responsibility for the purchasing, receiving, staging, and shipping of materials for all customer projects.

WBC Telecom Installations Rack and Stack Services provides our customers:

  • Economical solution to aid in minimizing field installation cost
    • Assembly —
    • Install individual components in the bay
    • Run and secure all intrabay cables
    • Terminate cables (connectorized / wirewrap)
    • Provide prewired interconnect cables requiring only far-end terminations at customer location
    • Bays are completely staged, assembled, cabled, configure and Shipped from our facility
    • Can provide complete installation at final destination
    • Assist in the design of the office and bay layouts

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